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More about ROOM 2️⃣:

“Live from a Morning Forest - Listen, Relax & Unwind 🌲 🎧 🌳”

Daily, during Sunrise

6:00 - 11:00 CET

Wherever on Earth you are right now - teleport yourself to north Germany & have a little pause. RELAX & UNWIND with the sounds of the morning forest. Enjoy the rich local biodiversity 🌳 🌲

➡️ If you like or dislike this room please message @jarasedivy on IG. He will be glad to read your feedback 🙂


The aim of NATURE SOUNDS is to cover all time zones around the globe with similar rooms. If you feel like joining forces (or if you know someone who would happily stream similar rooms) please email jara.sedivy@gmail.com.

Thank you 😇


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