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✨ fresh perspectives, views, insights, peculiarities and quirks about Slovakia at grassroots level for English learners in spontaneous conversation. 
 ✨Connecting Slovakia🇸🇰, English🇬🇧 and the world🌎. ✨Networking channel and an ongoing podcast which you can contribute to.

✨Connecting English learners from Slovakia and abroad through spontaneous conversations on various topics

✨Main aims:

to provide a platform for improving our spoken English, our confidence and thus also our personal stories.

To create meaningful connections through having talks on anything in English.
✨How the club runs:

✅Follow the club 👩🏻‍💼👨‍💼admins - Lucia Dolincová, Vlado Dolinec, Dáša Ballová, Danka Dobšíčková, Lucia Husenicová or Robert Schön.

We have to manually approve you and then FEEL FREE TO START YOUR ROOMS IN ENGLISH🇬🇧 (Slovak can be used for teaching Slovak, or helping to get the meaning across, if all other ways have failed) Stick to English - that’s the whole point.

✨Opening the rooms:

include the topic and bear in mind these two things - it has to be somehow connected with Slovakia (Slovak members - you yourself are the connection, so you have that covered) and the conversations should be in English. The list of topics is at the end of this text, but it can be anything. Also, stick to the rules of the club. 🙏



PASSION (not only) for languages







anything really + food, sport, culture, music, fashion, shopping, art, celebrities, holidays, education, environment, health, housing, towns, cities, transport, diet, exercise, lifestyle, holidays, festivals, destinations, resorts, hockey, running, mountains, nature, animals, climate, angličtina, slovensko,

tennis, football, uni, exam, study, coffee, housing, roasting, baking, cooking, fasting, lent, easter, christmas, clubs, speaker, cappuccino, marathon, travel, nature, snow, gym, workout, cars, film, series, netflix, youtube, instagram, clubhouse, linked in, goals, beer, wine, cheese,cakes,dresses,

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