Lubos Konecny

Lubos Konecny



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Senior Communication Adviser to MEP @martinhojsik 🇪🇺🇸🇰

I’m helping politicians to find their voice 🗣

Previously, as Program Officer at the International Republican Institute, designed and managed trainings for up-and-coming politicians from all around Europe, helping them grow & transform their political parties from the bottom.

Passionate about:
*climate crisis
*campaigning, grassroots organizing, elections
*direct voter communication & actually talking to voters in person about their problems, beliefs & ways how to help them
*trainings, seminars & political education in general
*craft beers & teas

Vegeterian 🥦

Steeles ⚫️🟡 Arsenal FC 🔴⚪️

📍Bratislava, Slovakia

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